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Finding a Petition to End Kiddie Porn on Facebook


anyone notice that depravity is running rabid in the world

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U.S. Releases Another $1 Billion to Iran

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The United States has released $1 billion in cash assets to Iran in April alone under the interim nuclear deal aimed at ratcheting back Iran’s nuclear program, according to the White House.

The Obama administration unfroze Iranian assets totaling $550 million on April 10 and another $450 million on April 15. The United States has now released $2.55 billion to Iran since February, when the scheduled cash infusions first began.

The cash releases were contingent upon Iran halting some aspects of its nuclear program and scaling back its stockpiles of highly enriched uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon.

In return, Iran was promised these monthly cash infusions from Washington.

While the White House maintains that Iran will receive about $7 billion in economic relief under the interim accord, outside experts calculate that with oil revenues and other business deals Iran could pocket at least $20 billion over the…

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I will never complain about my job ever again!


some people enjoy that type of work , can not say I would

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Pyrolusite :: Locality: Dona Ana County, New M...

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Some one send this to me and i thought you might like it if you are unhappy with your job!

I will never complain about my job ever again

I will never complain about my job ever again

I will never complain about my job ever again

I will never complain about my job ever again

I will never complain about my job ever again
I will never complain about my job ever again

I will never complain about my job ever again
I will never complain about my job ever again
I will never complain about my job ever again
I will never complain about my job ever again
I will never complain about my job ever again

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If there had been no post-1945 mass immigration into Britain …


WOW sounds like America, Canada, Australia, and the rest of Europe

Originally posted on England calling:

If there had been no post-1945 mass immigration into Britain …

Robert Henderson

Without mass immigration we should not have ….

1. Areas which are ethnic minority ghettoes.

2. Race relations legislation.

3. Gross interferences with free speech such as the Race Relations Act  arising from the British elite’s determination and need (from their point of view) to suppress dissent about immigration and its consequences.

4. Native Britons being  charged with criminal offences and,  in increasing numbers of cases,  finding themselves in  prison  for expressing their opposition to mass immigration  or  for being non-PC about immigrants and British born ethnic and racial minorities.

5. Native Britons losing their jobs simply for beings non-pc  about  immigration and ethnic and racial minorities.

6 Such a virulent political correctness,  because the central plank of the creed  – race – would have been removed or at least made insignificant, for  a homogeneous country would…

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Despite urine, Portland water tests clean; reservoir flush proceeds

  • stupid people

Portland, Ore., will flush millions of gallons from the city reservoir after security cameras caught a teen urinating into it.

The teenager in a hoodie and baggy jeans starred in a grainy black-and-white surveillance video shot shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities responded. Criminal charges are under consideration.

Just what was the crime? Police say Dallas Jeffrey Delynn, 18, of southeast Portland urinated into a reservoir that slakes the thirst of this Oregon city’s 600,000 or so residents. He zipped up. He smirked. He did not wash his hands.

Cue the disgusted “Ewwwwws!” right here, for so very many reasons.

And, of course, cue the online furor, which seemed to be directed not at the young barbarian, but at the city whose drinking supply he allegedly defiled.

In the incident’s wake, the Portland Water Bureau immediately ordered tests of Mt. Tabor Reservoir No. 5 for “possible contamination.” But even before the results came back, the agency began to drain 38 million gallons of potable water. The process will take about a week.

All because of a cup or two of human urine.

That’s how much the bladder comfortably holds, although the bladder in question obviously wasn’t comfortable.

Yes, Beervana (aka Portland) prides itself on its water supply. The Water Bureau has a Facebook page, a YouTube presence, a Flickr account, a much-read blog. You can follow it on Twitter (@portlandwater). “From forest to faucet,” the agency’s motto goes, “we deliver the best drinking water in the world.”

It even has a bumper sticker: “I only drink tap water.”

Portlanders are so rabidly protective of their drinking supply’s purity that they voted – not once, not twice, but four times – to keep fluoride out of their water. The most recent vote was last May, and the measure lost by a landslide.

More than 60% of voters in the craft-brew capital of the world rejected putting fluoride in the water to help protect children’s teeth from cavities. Portland remains the largest city in the nation without fluoridation.

Still, the Portland Water Bureau might have a little pity for its neighbors to the south.

Remember California? That big, dry behemoth snuggling up against southern Oregon’s Merrill, Malin and New Pine Creek? Home to the Garlic Capital of the World, the Broccoli Capital of the World, the Raisin Capital of the World, the Salad Bowl of the World, and more crops than can possibly be irrigated without extensive intervention?

Imagine what Golden Staters must feel, hearing the whoosh of 38 million gallons going to waste. There’s a drought, remember? And not just in California. Not good. No, not good at all.

But getting rid of 38 million drinkable gallons is exactly what David Shaff, the water bureau’s administrator, explained was in the works.

“Our customers have an expectation that their water is not deliberately contaminated,” Shaff said in a written statement. “We have the ability to meet that expectation while minimizing public health concerns.”

Or, as the bureau tweeted, “Reservoir5 offline after man urinates in water. Health risk slight but we won’t purposely serve tainted H2O to public.”

And that public the Water Bureau wants to protect?

If comments on Twitter and Facebook are any indication, its members are not really buying it.

As one woman who knows her way around the natural world tweeted Thursday morning: “this is insane and unnecessary. 38 million gallons of (open) water already has bird/bat/rat poop!”



Michigan City Cancel Duck Dynasty Look-Alike Contest After Receiving One Complaint…

According to the city, “it took about a minute” to cancel the contest after receiving the lone complaint. Doesn’t get any more pathetic than that.

Via Lansing State Journal:

Danielle Casavant called it poor judgment.

On Monday morning, the Lansing Board of Water and Light announced it was promoting a “Duck Dynasty” look-alike contest at its annual chili cook-off next month.

One of the stars of the popular reality television series, Phil Robertson, sparked controversy last year when he made anti-gay statements in an interview with GQ magazine.

BWL officials apparently were not aware of Robertson’s statements until Casavant — who lives on Lansing’s west side and is a customer of the public utility — sent an email early Monday afternoon to the utility’s social media specialist. Casavant had received a news release that same morning, announcing the first-ever contest.

After receiving Casavant’s email, “it took about a minute to decide to drop the contest,” BWL spokesman Steve Serkaian said in an interview. “We didn’t want any controversy from this matter to detract from what has been a longstanding, family-friendly event whose proceeds are donated to charitable causes.”

At 4:43 p.m. Monday, a few hours after Casavant sent her email, BWL issued an updated statement, saying that it “is committed to diversity and respects community differences, and we regret if the contest offended anyone.”

Casavant said the contest “showed poor judgment on their part.”

“The City of Lansing has come out very publicly promoting equality,” she said. “It seemed hypocritical to do something that glamourizes and promotes the show in any way


Iran to Execute Woman for Fending Off a Rapist


In Iran, after spending seven years in prison, 26-year-old former interior designer Rayhaneh Jabbari is due to be hanged for defending herself against a rapist.

Rayhaneh stabbed Iranian physician Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi with a pocketknife, after she said he attempted to drug and rape her. 

The head of the Iranian judiciary upheld Rayhaneh’s sentence, and although the execution is temporarily postponed, he is neither moved by human rights opposition to the hanging nor influenced by the 126,700 online signatures submitted on a petition that aims to stop the execution.

According to the convicted woman’s family and Iranian human rights activists Banafsheh Zand and Mina Ahadi, who are working on the case, there may be a third person involved who set Jabbari up to take the blame for Sarbandi’s murder.

According to Sholeh Pakravan, the mother of the woman on death row, Iran continues to call Rayhaneh’s supporters “a bunch of dirty terrorists who are atheists or scum members of the opposition to their Islamic revolution.”

Under Iran’s harsh judicial system, 500 people were executed in 2013 – a record that is slated to be broken in 2014. Jabbari is likely to be part of that record. “You must realize that the laws in Iran are medieval laws of retribution, revenge and punishment and unfortunately for our broken hearts, Rayhaneh’s life is in their hands,” said Pakravan.

The young woman’s nightmare began seven years ago when she was just 19 years-old. While visiting an Internet café, Iranian physician Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi overheard Rayhaneh discussing her career as an interior designer.  Ms. Jabbari claims that Sarbandi approached her and asked her to meet with him at his office to discuss a renovation project.  Jabbari made the fatal mistake of agreeing.

Rayhaneh said that on the day of the meeting, while taking her to his office Sarbandi stopped by a pharmacy to pick up what was later confirmed to be a date rape drug. According to forensics, after being driven to a rundown house the drug was put into juice and offered to Jabbari, who was told by her aggressor, “You have no way of escaping.”

A physical confrontation took place, which is when Jabbari stabbed the physician twice in the shoulders with a small pocketknife. Prosecutors claim that as a result of those wounds Sarbandi bled out and died.

To complicate the situation further, it appears that in defense of a third person, the Iranian government may be interfering in the case by destroying evidence that could potentially save Rayhaneh’s life. 

Jabbari’s defense attorney, Mohammad Mostafaei, maintains that over the past seven years key evidence has mysteriously vanished. The lawyer and the woman’s family believe that in an effort to uphold Jabbari’s conviction, Iran’s intelligence ministry “conducted its own [highly unusual] investigation” into the killing, after which they deliberately destroyed damning evidence that Mostafaei claims implicates one of their own.

“The real murderer was one of the regime’s own officials,” Mostafaei alleged. Rayhaneh’s lawyer is calling on Iran’s judiciary and Sarbandi’s family to withdraw the execution order. Mostafaei is “certain that the content of the missing CD [containing official documents and audio] will exonerate Rayhaneh.” 

Despite fearing for the lives of her other children, Jabbari’s mother insists, “In my opinion there is a gang within the Ministry of Intelligence and Surveillance which is fully and totally involved in this case and has in fact planned the whole thing. Rayhaneh was an innocent bystander who happened into the story.”

According to Mostafaei and Pakravan, prior to the attempted rape, for some reason a third individual named Sheikhy was mentioned in the text messages sent by Sarbandi to Jabbari.

Mostafaei said that seconds after Rayhaneh stabbed Sarbandi, who Pakravan says could “never have died from the stab wound inflicted by Rayhaneh as Sarbandi was a rather heavy set guy,” she ran past Sheikhy, who walked into the house as she ran out.

“There are very real allegations that, given the amount of time between Rayhaneh running out of the place and the EMS arriving, Sheikhy was there the entire time.” Sheikhy was also present when Jabbari was arrested, but never testified or asked to explain his presence at the crime scene.

In addition, Rayhaneh stabbed Sarbandi once in each shoulder, but the coroner found other distinct wounds on Sarbandi’s body, any of which could have caused his death.  But fortunately for Sheikhy, unlike Rayhaneh, under the Iranian judicial system he is considered a complete person and given the benefit of the doubt.

“In any case,” Pakravan added, “the Iranian regime has decided that it wants to make an example of yet another woman and they are bent on executing Rayhaneh and even though the rapist [and] victim’s family is fully well aware of these ambiguities in the case, they still insist on seeing Rayhaneh hung.” 

Rayhaneh’s mother, whose attempts to save her daughter’s life have thus far been in vain, stated that “The courts have said that if a woman is raped it is their fault.”  As for Rayhaneh, for the crime of refusing to allow herself to be drugged and raped, she was told she is a “mean-spirited and selfish bitch.”

According to Islamic law, the “killing of a virgin woman is prohibited.”  Therefore, “In prison, if a virgin woman is to be executed, she is first ‘married’ to (read: raped by) one of the guards before execution,” which may very well be Rayhaneh’s chilling fate.

So, on behalf of the “war on women,” while Sandra Fluke was on Capitol Hill begging for free contraceptives, Iranian women defending themselves against rape were being found guilty of a crime.  And while Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) was accusing Republicans of allowing women to “die on the floor” for lack of Obamacare abortion funding, in Iran, for their gender alone, Iranian rape victims were being sentenced to death, raped again, and swiftly hanged. 


Jeannie hosts a blog at www.jeannie-ology.com

Saint Bloomberg



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Saint Bloomberg

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says his work on gun control, tackling obesity and smoking has earned him a place in heaven. Thoughts? Source: The Five

I’m not the most religious person on Earth. I believe in a higher power, but do not really follow organized religion.

That being said, I’m not this brazen. I can’t even believe it is physically possible to be this full of yourself. But it is Bloomberg. Heaven doesn’t want him and Hell’s afraid he’ll take over.

This man is the poster child for mental disorders.

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‘We are Everytown’: More celebs get behind Michael Bloomberg’s new ‘gun safety’ campaign


I would wonder what would happen if these people had a home invasion or someone was raping their daughter or their wives ?

Originally posted on Twitchy:

As Twitchy reported earlier, actress Melissa Joan Hart supports Michael Bloomberg’s new umbrella organization, “Everytown for Gun Safety,” which Bloomberg announced yesterday:

Melissa Joan Hart is not alone in supporting Everytown, because other actors and musicians are backing Bloomberg’s $50 million attempt to counter the NRA, and maybe even win a few heaven points in the process:

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A Christian Zionist?


This was perfectly said and I am with you . I will only follow what GOD says, I will only follow the Bible if my church should stop standing and follow the Bible then goodbye to it , I have been in those churches and they are dead. I have considered where on earth that I would love to live and die and the end and it would be in ISRAEL. That is not to say that I don’t love America ,I do . I don’t like the downfall for what it once was and I think most of us agree where that came from. P.S– ISRAEL should not give up any more land and what they have gave up is wrong in GOD’S eyes ,that the way I see it. Thanks for the post

Originally posted on The Conservative Citizen:

A Christian Zionist?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

****************J. D. Longstreet -- 5-28-2013 -# 1 NARROWI didn’t set out to become a Christian Zionist, but apparently, I wound up as one.Christian Zionism is the belief that Israel has a right to return and establish a nation exactly where she has,  and further, she has the right to continue to exist there.There are multitudes of Christian Zionist round the world and a throng of them exist in America, especially within the evangelical churches.I’m not an evangelical, though raised as a youth within the evangelical community.  Like so many other things in my life I decided that particular practice of my faith did not suit me.  I found that I preferred the liturgical type worship services and in my mid-twenties became an active member of a liturgical church, one of the mainline denominations in America, indeed, the world.
However, within the last quarter century that church has…

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