To God or not to God??


There is no doubt that Satan has a firm hold on America

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“Please raise your right hand and repeat after me: I “your name ” solemnly  swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth  so help me?????”

Americas founding fathers based their newly formed nation on God and his laws. God was in all aspect of our beloved country. From School morning prayers to  swearing-in  the elected officials. God was  in the driver seat. As the years went by God was slowly pushed away. School prayer  challenged and deemed  offensive,  and was taken out. Yes God was obsolete. Even though  obsolete, He is still around, or is He????

Air Force: ‘So help me God’ in oath is optional


U.S. Air Force: Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr.

​Airmen repeat the oath of enlistment at the basic training graduation ceremony in August 2011 at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

By Associated Press

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Air Force officials say they’re changing their policy on enlistment…

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From America’s first Muslim-dominated state comes Minnesota pork protest

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It is not yet the first Muslim state in America, but it sure is vying to be number one.  Did you know it was a basic human right to have pork-free foods clearly designated at food pantries for those who are illiterate and can’t read labels?  And, did you know that you infidels are expected to pay for that!

This is the stealth jihad in all its glory!

Be sure to watch the video clip where Somali refugees arrive with a beligerant protest sign that says:  WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

Clearly designated Halal food is a basic human right because our people can’t read labels. Imam Hassan Mohamud. Photo and bio:

From CBS Minnesota (hat tip: Caroline):

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)Food shelves can be a life line for people dealing with poverty and hunger.

But many in the Somali-American community say finding a food shelf that caters to…

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At Least 14 ISIS Militants Killed When Their Own Chemical Filled Rocket Explodes Prematurely

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Explosion 6

by, India Tv News

BAGHDAD, Iraq: At least 14 members of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group were killed Tuesday near Baghdad when a rocket whose warhead they were filling with chlorine gas exploded.

Iraqi security officials said seven more ISIS militants were injured in the incident, which occurred near the town of al-Dhuluiya, about 90 km north of Baghdad.

Al-Dhuluiya was also where four members of the Iraqi security forces and Shiite militiamen suffered symptoms of asphyxiation after inhaling chlorine gas released by two improvised explosive devices.

It was the first time that chlorine has been used as a weapon in Iraq, although it is not uncommon in neighbouring Syria, where the regime’s use of it has been denounced by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Meanwhile, Iraqi troops killed 18 jihadists and destroyed five of their vehicles in clashes at the Biji refinery, Iraq’s largest.

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30 (?) Sharia Laws

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Well, not quite 30, but enough to disturb you.  It disturbs me.  I’m also a bit disturbed that whoever put these on Facebook (Flakebook) can’t count.  I counted 20, but I learned ‘rithmetic back in the old days of the 3 R’s.  Perhaps the author is a victim of Common Core math.

Here are 30 Sharia Laws. Tell me what you think.

1. The mosque and state are not separate. To this day, Islamic nations that are deeply rooted in shariah, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, do not adequately separate the two realms, giving a lot of power to courts and councils to ensure that legislation does not contradict the Quran (never mind whose interpretation). Most of the laws listed below come from this confusion. Back-up article: Mosque and State

5. A woman captive of jihad may be forced to have to sex with her captors (now owners). Quran…

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 Elizabeth Warren, Hillary’s heir apparent and fictional descendant of the Cherokee nation (for scam purposes), spreads a noxious blood libel. This uber-left anti-semite does not condemn the Nazi/Israel analogy. She considers it fair. Comparing the systematic annihilation of a people to the defense of those same people against the same evil hate is wicked. If Warren advances it to score points with the antisemitic left base, then she is evil. If she is genuinely too dumb to know how vile and monstrous this lie is, then this fraud ought to working in a pet store, not running for President. And she will be running, because the Hil monster is going to self-destruct. Benghazi is going to destroy Clinton. And into the breach cometh the Cherokee charlatan.
World-War-2-Holocaust-Memorial-Day-_60UPDATE: Hindu spokesperson Avneet writes me:

‘This is just disgusting. How can you compare the Nazis who slaughtered 6 million Jews in a holocaust to Israel?

Who has Israel killed in that fashion? The IDF dropped leaflets, did mock roof bombings, called people and sent bulk text messages to allow the Palestinians to escape. I think that was wrong because they are the enemy. But that alone should prove the utter anti-semitism of those who make such a claim.
How the heck is such a person in government? She deserves to be morally condemned as a vicious anti-semite.”

Georgia joins other states where immigrants are getting all the jobs

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The Center for Immigration Studies has had an on-going project of reporting which states have a high percentage of jobs going to immigrants while the native-born Americans working has declined.

Georgia Governor Deal asked for a reduction in the number of refugees going to the overloaded state. But, GA is still in the top ten receiving states.

We previously reported on their statistics from Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina.  Now it’s Georgia’s turn.  Here at CIS:

The Gang of Eight immigration bill (S.744) passed by the Senate last June would have roughly doubled the number of new foreign workers allowed into the country, as well as legalized illegal immigrants, partly on the grounds that there is a labor shortage. Many business groups and politicians in Georgia supported the legislation. However, an analysis of government data shows that, since 2000, all of the net increase in the…

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Nigeria’s [Cr]ISIS: “Most Of Our Churches Have Been Destroyed And Our Pastors Are Scattered”

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Luke 11:23, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters.”

John 16:2b-3, “… the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God. This is because they have never known the Father or Me.”

Qur’an Sura 4:171, “O People of the Book [Christians], exceed not the limits in your religion or speak anything about Allah, but the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, is only a messenger of Allah … Allah is only one God. Far be it from His glory to have a son …”

Qur’an Sura 9:30, “ the Christians say, ‘The Messiah is the son of [God].’ That is their statement from their mouths … May Allah destroy them …”

1 John 2:22b, “… He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.”

Hadith, Tabari 9:69, “Killing Unbelievers [non-Muslims] is a small matter to us” – The Words of Mohammad, “Prophet” of Islam Hadith, Tabari 9:69…

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Four Men in Two Cities Killed in Acts of Islamic Jihad; Media, Obama, and Holder Silent

Brendan Tevlin
Brendan Tevlin was a 19-year old from New Jersey who had just finished his freshman year at the University of Richmond. Like many kids his age, he played sports and video games. He also liked to surf. Brendan also played the bagpipes and was a Eucharistic minister at his church. But none of those things led to his tragic death. What led to Brendan’s death is that he was an American.

Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, was charged with the murder of 19-year old BrendanTevlin on June 18th. Brown also confessed to killing two people, Ahmed Said andDwone Anderson-Young, in Seattle on June 1. In addition, he was also charged with shooting another man, Leroy Henderson, in theSkyway area of Seattle in April. All of the men were killed with a 9 mm handgun.There is consistency in Brown’s statement to police in both King County in Seattle, and Essex County, N.J. He told authorities that he was doing his small part as vengeance for U.S. actions in the Middle East.

Q13 FOX in Seattle reports that Brown described the killing of Tevlin to authorities in New Jersey as a ‘just kill’ which he defined as as a target that was an adult male, not a woman, child or elderly person. Brown stated, ““My mission is vengeance. For the lives, millions of lives are lost every day,” he reportedly said. “Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, all these places where innocent lives are being taken every single day … All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life.”

Todd Pettingill, radio host of The Todd Show in the Morning, on 95,5 in New York,  discussed this jihad killings on his radio show. He said, “If there was ever a reason to riot in the streets in the name of humanity, it would be for this case. But, has that happened? No. And I’m not suggesting that it should. What did the friends of family of Brendan Tevlin do? They had a candlelight vigil. What I am suggesting should happen is that this should be talked about and written about and the American people should know. Why is Eric Holder not visiting the Tevlin family? Why is the President not going to mention Brendan Tevlin tonight? He was a young boy who was killed…for being an American.”

In addition to calling out Holder and Obama for their failure to give any attention to these jihad killings that were done on American soil, Pettingill also said, “It was in fact an act of jihad, perpetrated by a fellow American who sympathized more with those who want to annihilate us than with his own country and its people.”

But, with ISIS on a bloody killing spree in the Middle East in their quest to establish a caliphate and their threats to take their attacks onto American soil, the only Brown the media wants to talk is Michael Brown. The media and Congress want to put more emphasis on the domestic abuse case surrounding Ray Rice than acts of jihad in America with men being killed simply for being an American. And Barack Obama wants to deny the severity of ISIS and, in fact, refuse to even recognize that they are dangerous Islamic terrorists who kill innocent people. Perhaps Obama should pay attention to the news more often. He would learn that not only do people kill innocents in the name of Islam, but it is happening already right here in the United States.

Obama Will Sell Out Americans to Antichrist

We Accurately Predicted: Obama Will Sell Out Americans to Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat


We wrote our prediction on Obama’s plan before his miserable speech and we were dead on target. Our predictions were not accurate because we were smart, but because we look at the biblical map and not whatever wishful thinkers and evil men want you to believe, while they sell out on America and do the bidding for Antichrist. In life, every individual has but two choices; stick to God or to cling to the god of this world. Many view the prophetic word as a time-clock, not realizing that the spirit of Antichrist is already upon us, yet they, like the lazy servant, are simply using their bibles as a compass, not to see what they can do for God’s cause, but to see what they can do for themselves asking always: “when do we pack up” and “the Rapture is right around the corner” and “Its strictly coming to save us since we have faith and we need to do nothing”. Such is the lazy servant.

We outlined “Obama’s Plan To Kill ISIS” in one simple title: “Aid Moderates” Who Want To “Kill Bashar” Who Is Already Trying To “Kill ISIS” And Lets Hope That Bashar’s “Moderate” Killers In The End “Kills ISIS”.

Re-read slowly the previous statement and stop being slow to learn. Instead learn how the devil manipulates. In other words, whatever Obama does, it would be twisted, he will somehow find a way to aid and abet the so-called “moderate” Islamist cause who will in the long run kill Bashar Al-Assad who protects Christians in favor of the Islamist Jihadist FSA whom in Obama’s claim will eventually kill ISIS. The spirit of Antichrist intends not to save, but to kill and destroy.

oh copy 2

We predicted “You will never hear anything in tonight’s talk about training and arming the Christians in Syria and Iraq.”

And there was no talk of aiding Assyrians, Chaldeans, Maronites or other Christians in the region that is afflicted by ISIS, instead, all the aid (they plan $500,000,000 of your tax dollars) will go to other Muslim Jihadis in hope to pit them against ISIS.

And the news confirmed what we said: “The President has already asked Congress for the authority to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS, administration and congressional sources told CNN. Obama is seeking the authority under Title 10 of U.S. Code, which deals with military powers. His request was sent soon after he met with Congressional leadership Tuesday night.”

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called on Congress to support the request.”

“It is clear to me that we need to train and equip Syrian rebels and other groups in the Middle East that need some help,” Reid said Wednesday.

But the problem is even worse when it comes to Turkey’s promises to help the U.S. combat ISIS. Turkey is the only Muslim country in a coalition of 10 countries who agreed to fight ISIS at the NATO summit in Newport. But we predicted the opposite:

“In Obama’s speech tonight, he will tiptoe around the fact that NATO ally Turkey is the gateway for ISIS would-be jihadists who are eager to join the fight in Syria and Iraq. He will not address Turkey’s government and the feeble job of stopping terrorists from entering Turkish borders. He will not address Turkey and why it will not allow the US to use its airbases at Batman and Incirlik.”

And today we read the news:

“Turkey, a crucial U.S. ally in the Middle East that borders Syria, said it won’t allow the U.S.-led coalition to launch strikes in Syria from its air bases. It also won’t participate in any combat operations. “Turkey will not be involved in any armed operation but will entirely concentrate on humanitarian operations,” an unnamed Turkish government official told Agence France-Press.”

We had stated correctly: “Turkey needs the ISIS to dismantle nationalistic governments then to later consume them to create its Sunni Axis and its Ottoman dream.”

And Obama’s policies are on the same lines as Erdogan’s.

Turkey’s brilliant plan is that it needs the ISIS to dismantle the Levant while using wealthy Arabs who support ISIS to aid the Caliphate cause while using the very ISIS to even turn on the Arabs themselves. Turkey then will execute a double-whammy plan using its non-Wahhabist Sufi version of Islam that is neutral towards Shiite Iran, to unite both Sunni and Shiite forces to finally bring about peace amongst Muslims in the region and by that become the champion of Islam.