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Time to Suspend Muslim Immigration, Muslims in the Military, and Building Mosques in the U.S.

I have and so has many Americans have called for this ,  We send their country’s money , they try to kill us. We help in times of natural disasters, they try to kill us. We let them in to what used to be our finest college’s , they try to kill us. Here we go again ,we will help the so-called rebels in Syria  with weapons , I will guarantee  they will try to kill us.No the progressive think if we play nice they will. Guess what it is Islam , Islam has a hatred of the world they want global domination , they want to kill us , I will say again they want to kill us . Look they love killing themselves ,they hate each other .


Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Somebody has to be the first to say it.

It’s time, for the sake of the security of the United States of America, to  immediately suspend Muslim immigration, to preclude Muslims from service in our  military and to stop the building of mosques.

(The matters of Muslim military service and the building of mosques will need  to be subjects of future columns.) It should go without saying that I am  speaking just for myself here. But these possibilities must be addressed and  discussed in a sober fashion. The reality is that we will wind up doing these  three things out of necessity if we do not do them out of wisdom. We need to  make these adjustments before it’s too late rather than after it’s too late.

We should suspend Muslim immigration into the United States immediately. Why?  Because Muslims bring with them a totalitarian ideology that calls for the  submission of the United States to Islam and Sharia law. Pew released its  findings yesterday on its worldwide survey of Muslims, and revealed that  two-thirds of Middle Eastern Muslims believe in the death penalty for any Muslim  who converts to Christianity, and one-third believe in suicide bombings. This is  not a religion of peace or liberty. Every tenet of Islam is fundamentally,  irreversibly, subversively and implacably hostile to every value we cherish in  America.

Muslim immigrants bring with them a totalitarian ideology whose holy book  calls for the followers of Allah to “slay the idolaters wherever you find them”  (Sura 9:5). The more devout a Muslim becomes, the more likely he is to obey such  a command, as Tamerlan Tsarnaev illustrates, and the more of a threat he becomes  to the security of the United States and the safety of the American people.

When I first began calling for an end to Muslim immigration in 2009, I was  virtually a lone voice crying in the wilderness. But Andy McCarthy has since  called for the suspension of immigration from Muslim majority nations, and Frank  Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy has called for precluding  “shariah-adherent Muslims” from our shores, in a fashion similar to our post  WWII ban on immigrants who adhered to communist ideology.

Since the Boston Muslim Massacre, Laura Ingraham has called for a ban on  Muslim immigration, and more significantly, John McCain just yesterday suggested  restrictions on immigration from countries with a “significant influence of  radical Islamic extremism.” Both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have openly called  for considering the suspension of student visas to Muslim males. Suspending  Muslim immigration to the United States is an idea whose time has come.

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, based on Europe’s bitter experience with  virtually unrestricted Muslim immigration, has been calling for this for years,  and imploring America to wake up and small the Sharia before we become we seal  our doom. Of course, the majority of Muslim immigrants do not want to kill  us, but they are not the Muslims we have to worry about. The problem is we have  no way of distinguishing the Muslims we do have to worry about from the ones we  don’t. And we can’t watch them all.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev is a case in point. All of his friends and classmates said  he was quiet, fun, one of us, and so forth. They all expressed shock that he  went jihad on Americans. The only way to have prevented him from participating  in the Boston Muslim Massacre would have been not to allow him in the country in  the first place. While this may seem unfair to Muslims who have no hostile  intentions toward us, that is not our fault. The blame for such a blanket policy  lies with the Muslims who do have hostile intentions toward us and have been  responsible for no less than 55 terrorist attempts on our soil since 9/11. If  friendly Muslims are looking for someone to blame for being unable to enter the  U.S., that is where their finger should point.

Is banning Muslim immigration constitutional? Of course it is. No one has a  right, constitutional or otherwise, to immigrate to the United States. In our  system of government, immigration rules are the exclusive province of Congress.  One of its express powers of action, as set forth in Article I, Section 8, is  “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” In Kleindienst v. Mandel  (1972), (Mandel was a Marxist ideologue) the Supreme Court affirmed that “the  power to exclude aliens is ‘inherent in sovereignty, necessary for maintaining  normal international relations and defending the country against foreign  encroachments and dangers – a power to be exercised exclusively by the political  branches of government’ . . . .The Court without exception has sustained  Congress’ ‘plenary power to make rules for the admission of aliens and to  exclude those who possess those characteristics which Congress has  forbidden’…[O]ver no conceivable subject is the legislative power of Congress  more complete than it is over the admission of aliens’…The power of Congress to  exclude aliens altogether from the United States, or to prescribe the terms and  conditions upon which they may come to this country, and to have its declared  policy in that regard enforced exclusively through executive officers, without  judicial intervention, is settled by our previous adjudications.” (Emphasis  mine.)

Bottom line: Congress can ban Muslim immigration if it wants to. And it  should.

Author: Bryan Fischer

Read more: http://patriotupdate.com/2013/05/time-to-suspend-muslim-immigration-muslims-in-the-military-and-building-mosques-in-the-u-s/#ixzz2SGvYC2U1

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