English: Hillary Clinton takes oath-of-office ...

English: Hillary Clinton takes oath-of-office as United States Secretary of State. Bill Clinton also pictured. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These politicians that are giving in to the very people that hates us, one day will regret it!  You cannot trust any of them, and I have a firm belief that when they establish a better foot hold in our government you will see a dramatic change in the United States. The Islam cult is to lie ,cheat, any way they can. There is no place in our government that should accept any part of Islam and sharia. I cannot understand why any woman wants  to be abused by Islam and sharia law. Women and young girls get hooked on the Islam  cult and the only way out is by honor killing. Honor killing of one’s wife  or daughter, because they dishonor the father or husband , is a sick person, they themselves have to be locked away for life (or beheaded ).These people come to our country with one mission and that is to destroy it and our own government (OBAMA SAYS TO RESPECT IT). Its like the illegals coming across our borders, most want to change it to a country in which they just left, so why leave . Past emigrates assimilated  into  and made our country what it use to be, GREAT. After entering here they expect  to be taken care of ,free  health and education at our expense and o f course welfare. I am done with this segment, I just needed to speak up a little .   THANKS AND GOD BLESS.

PS    Why do we keep sending tax money to any islamic nation ,we have a hard enoughtime taking care of our own.    I say cut them off period , and if any other nation is not with us than they are against us.  Why  keep supporting them.

huma badein

<span class=”mceItemHidden”><<span class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>img</span> width=”220″ height=”120″ src=”http://godfatherpolitics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/huma-badein-220×120.jpg&#8221; alt=”huma badein” title=”huma badein” /></span>Walid Shoebat  is the son of an American mother and a Palestinian Arab father.  He was  raised as a Muslim and eventually became a militant involved in terrorism.   He spent time in a Jerusalem jail and planted a bomb in Bethlehem.  In  1978, his parents sent him to the US where he went to school in Chicago.   While in Chicago, he got involved with Jamal Said, an imam at one of the largest  mosques in Chicago and founder of the Islamic Association of Palestine, which  many consider to be a forerunner to today’s terrorist organization known as  Hamas.

Shoebat was heavily involved in Jihadist activities in the United States and  says that he was willing to die for the Muslim cause.  However, in 1994,  Shoebat converted to Christianity and gave up his Muslim militantism.   Today, he spends his time watching and reporting dangers and concerns he sees  connected with the Muslim world.

In one of his recent posts, Shoebat revealed a close connection of US  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Muslim Brotherhood which just took  control of Egypt.  In his report,  Clinton’s closest advisor is her Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin.  A year  ago, Shoebat learned about the women leadership of the Muslim Sisterhood, which  is the female version of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Among the 63 names of  Muslim women leaders was the name Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, the mother of Clinton’s  advisor Huma Abedin.

Another name on the leadership list for the Muslim Sisterhood was Najla Ali  Mahmoud, who just happens to be the wife of the newly elected Egyptian President  Mohammed Mursi and leader in the militant Muslim Brotherhood.  Mursi has  made it known that he intends to make Jerusalem the capital of the next  caliphate and that people in Egypt must either convert to Islam, pay a non-Muslim  tax or leave the country.

Saleha Mahmoud Abedin is a professor and dean at Dar El-Hekma College in  Saudi Arabia and according to Shoebat, has been heavily involved in  organizations tied to terrorism.  He claims to have found numerous accounts  in Arab news sources ‘that implicated Huma’s mother as being part of a plot  reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.’  However, he says that with the rise  of Huma Abedin, that much of the information on Saleha has been efficiently  cleansed.

Have you ever heard of the term Muruna?   It’s a Muslim policy that allows someone to lie and deceive in order to gain  someone’s complete trust so as to place themselves in a position to gain  information useful to the cause.  Hamas has used Muruna in a number of  ways, one of which is getting a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim person of  influence in order to learn or gain access to valuable information and  secrets.

Walid Shoebat suggests that Huma Abedin may in fact be part of a Hamas Muruna  plot.  He points out that against all Muslim tradition, she married Anthony  Weiner, a Jew and the former democratic congressman from New York who resigned  in disgrace after his sex scandal.  Shoebat tries to support his possible  case against Huma by pointing out that she is still a practicing Muslim and as  such, was never disavowed by her very Muslim family for marrying a Jew.   Additionally, he mentioned that when Weiner resigned he reportedly  told a friend, “My problem is that I have three women I have to convince that  I’m cured: Huma, her mother — and Hillary.”

Now, Huma is the closest person to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and  is in a position that gives her access to highly classified documents and  information that could prove to be very useful to Hamas and her mother.

In Walid Shoebat’s report, he does say how encouraged he was to see five  current US congressmen, led by Rep Michele Bachmann, send a letter to the Office  of the Inspector General at the State Department questioning the relationship  between Clinton, Huma and Saleha Abedin.  However, I don’t see anything  coming of the letter since Hillary is the head of the State Department.  It  would be like asking someone in the DOJ to investigate Eric Holder, which you  know would never happen.

Shoebat is not making an outright accusation against Huma Abedin, but does  give one reason to question exactly where her loyalties lie.  It also helps  me to understand why Clinton has been so hesitant and even silent on human  rights issues involving sharia laws or the killing and burning of Christians by  Muslims throughout the world.  After all, her closest advisor and confidant  is a practicing Muslim with ties to the very people and culture committing the  crimes.  It may also explain why the US was so supportive of the overthrow  of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and why we appeared to support the  militant Muslim Brotherhood rise to power.  I never thought of the  Clinton’s as being Muslim sympathizers before, but I guess when the

Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/5866/hillary-clintons-connection-muslim-brotherhood/#ixzz1z12oBsfP

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